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  Commercial Food Equipment

Commerical Food Equipment

Imperial Electric designs, engineers and manufactures dependable motors that drive convection oven blowers, pizza ovens, dough mixers, pump motors and other specialty motor solutions for the commercial food equipment and restaurant kitchen equipment markets.

Imperial’s solutions include high performing multi/variable speed motors, and 56/66 frame single and three phase AC motors. Designed for longevity, Imperial Electric motors have no mechanical/moving parts — other than bearings which are protected by a heat sink/cooling fan between the bearings and the heat source.

Specifications include the following:

  • 56-Frame
    • 1/4HP, 115/230VAC (single-phase) or 230/460VAC (three phase)
    • All 56-frame motors are single-speed, 1725 RPM, and 60Hz
  • 66-Frame
    • 1/2HP to 3/4HP, single speed (1725 RPM) or 2-speed (1725/1140 RPM)
    • Single voltage (115 or 230) or dual voltage (115/230) and 60Hz
  • Multi/Variable
    • 1/4HP to 2/3HP with any speeds between 500-3000 RPM
    • Power input to the inverter is either 115VAC or 230VAC, single phase