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Imperial Electric Expands Gearless AC Elevator Machine Product Line


January 6, 2009 (Akron, Ohio)  Imperial Electric has added Model No. 478 to its popular 400 Series Gearless AC Elevator Product Line.  Its increased performance and compact size makes it ideal for today's high passenger traffic in low-rise buildings and is ideally suited for MRL applications.

The Model 478 increases elevator lift capacity by 1,000 lbs., over its companion Model 475, to a maximum of 4,000 lbs. at 500 FPM with 2:1 roping.  Other features include a brake torque of 1400 ft. - lbs. per shoe and an 11,025-lbs. maximum sheave shaft load.  The heavier lift capacity will accommodate a larger car size capable of transporting a disabled patient, medical personnel and life support equipment without restrictions.

The motor, sheaves and brake assemblies are all integrated into one compact unit, which reduces dimensional installation requirements.  The Gearless AC Machines also provide for a more comfortable ride and the need for maintenance is virtually eliminated.

Imperial Electric, an operating unit of Kinetek, also manufactures a complete line of AC and DC Hoist Motors, Flange Motors, Flexible Couplings and Adapters, AC Escalator Motors, Motor Generator Sets, AC Submersible and AC Dry Hydraulic Motors.

For specific operating specifications or a product catalog visit, contact or call (330) 734-3600.